01. The test will [consist] of a series of true or false questions and two essay questions.
02. The team [consists] of the best players from all over the country.
03. Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said that love does not [consist] in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.
04. The polar bear's diet [consists] almost entirely of seals and fish.
05. A traditional Japanese breakfast typically [consists] of a bowl of rice, miso soup, broiled fish, and pickled vegetables.
06. Success [consists] of doing your best, believing in yourself, and learning from your mistakes.
07. The traditional Korean family [consists] of parents, children, and grandparents.
08. The boys' suppers for the three days they went camping together [consisted] of hamburgers, chocolate bars and potato chips.
09. Our class [consists] of students from ten different countries.
10. My job [consists] of simply inputting data in the computers; I don't have to understand any of it.
11. The rebel army mainly [consists] of secret police who worked for the former regime.
12. The park [consists] of 2 square miles of ancient maple trees and a small lake filled with ducks.
13. Someone once joked that a family [consists] of a husband who gets an idea, the kids who say it can't be done, and the wife who does it.
14. The diet of the people of Malawi [consists] mostly of grains and vegetables.
15. An Arab proverb tells us that wisdom [consists] of ten parts - nine parts of silence, and one part with few words.
16. You will write a final exam [consisting] of both a reading and writing section.
17. The center of the planet Earth is believed to [consist] of two distinct parts, with a liquid outer core surrounding a solid inner core.
18. Though minerals can [consist] of a single element, most minerals are actually compounds.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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